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Aircub is an IoT device (Internet of things), It can be connected to your Wifi network and controlled by means of an app from your smartphone or tablet. The air is drawn into the device and treated with negative ions and ozone which are indispensable to destroy germs and bacteria.

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We propose extremely intuitive, wireless and web connected electronic solutions that have a cutting-edge technology and respond to many different needs of the global market.
We integrate our innovative technological offer with the IoT (Internet of Things) philosophy in all the related fields combined with a management software in the Cloud of the marketing connected services.
Added to this is the awareness of the optimization of the supply articles codes, which is very challenging to our competitors.

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Every single stage of a project is important, from the analysis to the designing, from the certification to the production of the device.
Check Up manages within the company all technical and executive stages of a project to guarantee the expected results and provide the ideal and professional service.

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We are experts at research, development and manufacture
of electronic technology. We are partner in the design
of performing electronic solutions for your company.

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