our electronics

Check Up designs, develops and manufactures electronic technology; we have developed hundreds of innovativeelectronic devicesfor many professional and domestic settings manufacturing them on a large scale for more than 20 years

Our goal? To fulfil our customers’ requirements enhancing their performance.
Flexibility, expertise and talent are our characteristics.

our values

Customer satisfaction, innovation, professionalism and passion
are the values that inspire our work.

We work to improve the performance of our clients and help them achieve their goals. Every decision taken is intended to meet these commitments.

We never stop; we try to always be one step ahead.
We continuously experiment with new solutions and new paths, and we always remain inquiring.

We grow every day by sharing ideas, through the responsibilities we take. We check every detail, we test the results of our work and we respect the delivery times.

We put passion and enthusiasm in everything we do. Because our customers deserve our full commitment.