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self-sustaining system

The water flows through a micro-turbine, thus generating the necessary energy for the LED ring power supply, which automatically lights up at the faucet opening.


Dynamo Shower

An extraordinary, cutting-edge development in the field of contemporary taps, Dynamo Shower is a new product that combines innovation, design and sustainability; it consists of a shower head with LED lighting which is self-powered and completely eco friendly as it needs no electricity. Check Up manufactured not only the electronic system between the tension generated by the dynamo and the micro LED lights, but also the LED ring itself.

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sustainable heart

Dynamo Shower does not need any electricity thanks to the dynamo that allows no recourse to any other source of energy.


LED light ring

Aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, the micro LED ring is low power consumption.

Cristina Rubinetterie

Established in 1949, CRISTINA has expanded over the years to become one of the big players of the industry. Following the acquisition of Silfra, a company manufacturer of electronic taps and automatic systems for bath and shower drains, CRS is now a benchmark company in the market of sanitary items, able to anticipate design trends and to propose innovative, functional, aesthetically avant-garde and environmentally conscious solutions. With four factories in the Novara area and a made in Italy manufacturing, the company sells its products in more than 70 countries worldwide, generating more than half of its turnover abroad.