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user friendly touch

The control panel with digital graphics and soft touch capacitive buttons allows the selection of different operations, times and procedures with a simple gesture. Clear icons and an intuitive interface hide sophisticated but functional electronics, thus enabling optimization of the user experience.



Fresco is a blast chiller designed for domestic use. It is an appliances of small size that combines slow heat to quick cold, encompassing a variety of innovative features that allow to bake, freeze, thaw, preserve and freshen foods and beverages. Fresco is the latest, but only chronologically, project designed for Irinox by Check Up, which developed electronic control unit and user interface, contributing to the success of an innovative product that can shake up the domestic kitchen as we know it.


reliability and accuracy

The electronic control unit manages the full functionality of Fresco and its cycles, from temperature acquisition and data processing to the management of electromechanical loads.


Pioneer in the introduction of rapid chilling and high quality storage, over the years Irinox has developed cutting-edge products based on revolutionary concepts that set new standards in the market. Continuous research and advanced technology make Irinox the brand leader in the best kitchens of more than 80 countries worldwide.