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The operator control handset runs dedicated software for operations to be activated by medical staff only, thus inhibiting patients from specific functions.


Gamma 3

Gamma3 is a range of electric hospital beds designed to provide patients with maximum comfort and functionality and to facilitate the work of medical and nursing staff while on duty. Equipped with engines, also battery powered if needed, the beds can be activated thanks to Check Up electronics, who designed the control unit and user interface, both for the operator and for the patient and performed specific software studies for the acquisition, management and storage of data, as well as enabled smart functions for the inhibition of certain movements depending on the position of the beds.



The secondary push-button handset can be integrated in the safety sides, granting complete autonomy to patient. They are equipped with LED lights indicating on/off mode and sound warning for inhibited functions.


Malvestio has always been involved in development and manufacturing of furniture and equipment for hospitals, clinics and facilities for the elderly. Malvestio, which consists of a group of companies with more than 250 employees in over 20 countries, is the company leader in Italy. Investments, technological research and automation of production processes are expression of Malvestio corporate philosophy, which aims to develop medical furniture that improves the quality of life of patients and operators.