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dynamic light under control 1234

Our products permit to easily manage the light temperature. Warming or cooling the atmosphere on one’s own feelings or needs, can be done with a simple touch.


lighting 2.0

Beyond our custom solutions thought on the client’s needs, we offer lighting units that can be easily integrated into any piece of furniture or mirrors.
We put a particular attention to the quality of light, that we make homogeneous and comfortable by offering dynamic lighting solutions that can be controlled by smartphones. In this way the user can choose within a cold or warm light on the basis of its own feelings or needs.

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freedom of composition

Components studied to offer maximum freedom over the project, maintaining high lighting performances.


elegant light integrated into furniture

Ideal solutions for an elegant integration with furnishing elements. For instance Hoop 20 has a perfect diameter to be inserted into a mirror for make-up.


app for smartphones

Beyond the control through sensors for lighting, it can be easily controlled by the app available on Google Play and App Store.