AirCub Light

Air treatment device
inside closed rooms.

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AirCub Light has been designed to treat air in cooped up or small spaces (such as wardrobes, shoe cupboards and waste bin areas). A UVA led system activates a catalyzer that eliminates up to 95% of the substances detrimental to health (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances).


How does it work?

Ambient air is drawn into the device where a UVA led lamp paired with a catalytic filter kills germs and bacteria.

Why we use UVA rays

UVA band lamps – normally used on sunbeds – offer fundamental advantages compared to the C band ones. In the first place, in the event of accidental exposure, their frequency is tolerated by the human body. Moreover, compared to C band neon lamps, UVA devices last a lot longer (about 30,000 hours). 
With Aircub light you don’t need to contact a specialized engineer to periodically change the lamps. 

AirCub fragrances

To enhance the perception of cleanliness of the air, in collaboration with a master perfumer, we have created 6 scented essences, with a natural base. Each designed for a different living and working environment.

Thanks to the collaboration born from our meeting with the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, we have created:

2 gourmant notes, designed primarily for the kitchen environment:
(notes of lemon, lemon balm, verbena, luisa grass) and Cream (notes of vanilla, cream, butter, icing)
2 evocative notes, created with the sleeping area in mind:
Linen (notes of linen, cotton, marseille, clean linen) and Babypowder (talcum powder, talcata pink).
2 thematic notes, made for the living room and office:
softwood (notes of sandalwood, rosewood, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) and Greenberry (notes of berries, blueberry, fern, undergrowth).

It is also possible to customise the fragrances according to specific customer requests.

The advantages

  • Better air quality
  • Reduces harmful substances in the air (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances)
  • Reduces the bacteria caused by bad odours
  • Compact size (230x100x30 mm)
  • Prevents the formation of mould and bedmites
  • Easy to install/replace

Where to use AirCub light

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