Microphones find countless applications, from voice recognition found in cars and appliances that use the amazon cloud or google, to being a functional, predictive and safety sensor.

Voice recognition

In addition to integrating with other systems, the use of it also has the following advantages:

  1. Increase the level of productivity to automate the process, thus saving time and reducing workload. Improve service efficiency and accelerate repetitive processes.
  2. Allows you to work freely, complete tasks more easily with voice commands.
  3. Generate Personalization: Enable companies to deliver personalized digital services.
  4. Generate more time: technology is fast and accurate. The company has reduced writing times and simplifies the linguistic expression process. Employees can focus on other aspects of their work.
  5. Improve communication: translate content into a specific language by removing language barriers and helping companies to internationalize.
  6. Greater transparency: Access to original resources (voice) means that you always have original and complete information and data that can be processed and analysed.
  7. Accessibility, especially the inclusion of the most disadvantaged and disabled people, has a great impact. Useful for some people in society.
  8. Reach multiple users at the same time: the technology behind multifunction and omni-channel.

Environmental monitoring

The use of microphones as sensors and not a voice command driver, finds countless applications in everyday life.

Simply as a safety sensor if sounds are detected in the home while the owner is not present, or much more complex functions in predictive logic where the detection of ultrasonic frequencies is a harbinger of possible failures or bad installation of the device.The same thing can be said for detecting critical structural frequencies and activating the appropriate safety alarms.

Recently, car manufacturers have also begun to adopt this technology to optimize the dynamism of the car under various asphalt conditions.