Even the bathroom is a room that can be improved by technology and integrated electronics. Initially one of the “service” rooms of houses, hotels and offices, it became increasingly important to become one of the rooms in which even technology began to enter, to improve the user experience in this case as well the well-being...
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The Sick Building Syndrome (SBS – Sick Building Syndrome) is a situation that is increasingly encountered, caused by the tendency to build increasingly “hermetic” buildings to limit the energy consumption for heating and cooling. If this approach actually limits consumption, reducing the external air accumulates chemical and biological pollutants generated in the internal environment, since...
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The aim of Check Up is to improve the rooms and the well-being of the people who live them, through integrated technology. One of these environments is certainly the kitchen, where functionality and comfort are highly desired. Check Up is able to insert new features able to improve the user experience into the furniture, including...
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Also this year Check Up will be present at Sicam, the international event in Pordenone for the components and furniture industry. Check up will present some important innovations and some range extensions: AirCub, the IoT device that purifies and sanitizes the air of small closed rooms, will presented in Pordenone in different color variants and with the...
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Hotel 4.0 - tecnologia per hotellerie
Comfort and hygiene to improve the hotel guests user experience. Industry 4.0, big data, Internet of things, clouds, blockchains are going beyond the industrial sector and are contaminating all sectors, including tourism and the hotel industry. Every sector of the economy can and must be contaminated by the epochal revolution that is also changing business...
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The innovative air purification system was integrated into the furniture of ​​the Hadid Tower restaurant area. The tower is the headquarters of Generali and is located within the Citylife district  in Milan. The ItAccess charging station providing connection to  mobile devices is also integrated into the system. The stylistic code followed for the design of...
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The Salone del Mobile and  Fuorisalone, lead events in the design domain, saw the success of Check Up integrated technologies. Major brands within the furniture domain have chosen Check Up’s components to innovate their furniture and accessories. For instance, Aircub, an IOT (internet of things) device that purifies and sanitizes the air in small closed...
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