AirCub Light


Air treatment device
inside closed rooms.

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AirCub Light has been designed to treat air in cooped up or small spaces (such as wardrobes, shoe cupboards and waste bin areas). A UVA led system activates a catalyzer that eliminates up to 99% of the substances detrimental to health (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances).


How does it work?

Ambient air is drawn into the device where a UVA led lamp paired with a catalytic filter kills germs and bacteria.

Why we use UVA rays

UVA band lamps – normally used on sunbeds – offer fundamental advantages compared to the C band ones. In the first place, in the event of accidental exposure, their frequency is tolerated by the human body. Moreover, compared to C band neon lamps, UVA devices last a lot longer (about 30,000 hours). 
With Aircub light you don’t need to contact a specialized engineer to periodically change the lamps. 

The advantages

  • Better air quality
  • Reduces harmful substances in the air (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances)
  • Reduces the bacteria caused by bad odours
  • Prevents the formation of mould and bedmites
  • Compact size (170x100x38 mm)
  • Easy to install/replace

Where to use AirCub light

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