Air purifier and air freshener
with ion and ozone technology

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Aircub purifies the air by means of an ionizing and ozonizing process that destroys up to 99% agents harmful for your health (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances). 
An air freshener is combined with the ionizer, to offer the extra advantage of lightly scented air and total wellness.


Compact size

Aircub does two jobs at once: it scents the air and purifies it notwithstandig its extremely compact size.

Easy to install

Aircub has been designed to fit in easily wherever it is needed, standing discreetly on any furniture.

Simple to use

Aircub is an IoT device. It can be connected to your Wifi network and controlled by means of an app from your smartphone or tablet.

Air monitoring

Aircub incorporates an air quality sensor that monitors the device’s effectiveness from a mobile app. A product unique in its kind.


Aircub is an IoT device (Internet of things), It can be connected to your Wifi network and controlled by means of an app from your smartphone or tablet. The air is drawn into the device and treated with negative ions and ozone which are indispensable to destroy germs and bacteria. Since it contains a cartridge soaked in natural essences, Aircub also offers the benefits of an air freshener wherever you put it.

AirCub fragrances

To enhance the perception of cleanliness of the air, in collaboration with a master perfumer, we have created 6 scented essences, with a natural base. Each designed for a different living and working environment.
Thanks to the collaboration born from our meeting with the master perfumer Lorenzo Dante Ferro, we have created:

2 gourmant notes, designed primarily for the kitchen environment:
Lemonbalm (notes of lemon, lemon balm, verbena, luisa grass) and Cream (notes of vanilla, cream, butter, icing).
2 evocative notes, created with the sleeping area in mind:
Linen (notes of linen, cotton, marseille, clean linen) and Babypowder (talcum powder, talcata pink).
2 thematic notes, made for the living room and office:
softwood (notes of sandalwood, rosewood, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves) and Greenberry (notes of berries, blueberry, fern, undergrowth).

It is also possible to customise the fragrances according to specific customer requests.


  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces the harmful substances in the air (VOC, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergenic substances)
  • Reduces THE bacteria that causes bad odours
  • Reduces electrostatic charge
  • Prevents the formation of mould and bedmite
  • Freshens the air
  • It is an IoT Smart System (internet of Things)
  • Compact size (270x120x28 mm)
  • Easy to install/replace


Aircub can be used in any room of the home. Its compact size makes it invisible yet effective, destroying bacteria and refreshing the air.

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