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Aster is a high technology bench

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organic lighting

The coverage includes the new thin OLED (organic light diodes) films, equipped with proximity sensors for the automatic setting of light intensity.


Aster is a high technology bench, an authentic urban lounger that provides shelter and comfort through a range of revolutionary options. A new generation product, it finds its natural location in the increasingly popular smart cities, attentive to new environmental and architectural challenges and sustainable management of energy resources. 

Check Up designed and manufactured Aster’s electronic OLED light control through a double capacitive keypad, equipping it with proximity sensors. Check Up also developed the audio system for Bluetooth music reproduction and for the control of soundscapes; Aster’s feature is the issue of a bird humming during the day, replaced by crickets chirping at sunset.

urban comfort

Any user can turn the OLED light on and modulate it with a touch, simply working on a touch-sensitive display that makes it possible to have four different light landscapes based on the activity the user itself is carrying on: relaxing, working, chatting and reading.

web and music

The integrated wi-fi hot spot grants free internet access. Additionally, it is also possible to listen to music from any device simply activating the Bluetooth connection: the bench will play music with a sound system that takes advantage of exciter speakers and vibrating surfaces.

some examples of applications

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