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Itaudio Wired

Audio systems for the amplification of TV screens or hi-fi devices.

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itaudio wired is a product line dedicated to the amplification and connection of traditional devices such as TV screens, CD players or any other product with optical or digital coaxial cables outputs.
The proposed systems have inside a bluetooth™ input for high definition audio and an analog input (3,55mm jack) to amplify mobile devices or connect the mp3 player with the headphone output.
The devices are aesthetically and mechanically integrated in the furniture, visible, with power ratings 110 to 160 watts rms.
These systems have the innovative system “quick use” that allows the use of your own TV remote control.
itaudio wired integrates a system of LED lights management, also dynamic , that you can use with the dedicated app, available on Android and Apple Stores.


Itaudio wired, a complete multimedia system easy to use. 

With itaudio wired , is possible to obtain an audio resolution equal to the video quality of a 4K or UHD TV screen.  Itaudio wired, holds four inputs useful to amplify all the audio sources with digital outputs. In greater detail are available an optical, digital coaxial and analog (to connect mp3 players) inputs and a bluetooth™ A2DP module.  The integrated control unit, easy to use, is useful to select the desired inputs. Is also available an infrared receiver to synchronize and use the remote control of your TV screen in the ”quick use” modality Three versions are available, starting from 110 Watts of a 2-way system with wireless subwoofer, to a 120 Watts 3-way slim for furniture up to 12 cm height, to the top of the range with two integrated subwoofers for a total of 160 Watts rms.  To make your environment more comfortable we have thought to integrate the light function, optional, with monochrome or dynamic LED light source, managed by the itaudio app.

Compatible with the TV remote control.

itaudio wired has the “quick use” function, that allows you to synchronize and use the remote control of your TV screen.

app for smartphones

The Itaudio systems can be controlled by an app available on Google Play and App Store.

some examples of applications

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