With the Gesture Recognition, you can manage your devices, with the simple gesture of your hand, without having to touch the object. It is an optimal solution in cases where it is not possible to touch or reach a device, or when the hands are dirty or busy.

Why choose gesture recognition

Check Up is able to insert new features through gesture control with the aim of improving the user experience.
Technology comes to the aid in the management of many daily actions, managing to simplify some operations:
we think of a person who is cooking a cake, his hands are dirty and cannot access the bin compartment or manage the functionality of the hood, or simply turn on a light without dirtying everything.

Some advantages ensured by gesture control:

  1. Manage devices without touching them
  2. Simplify the user experience
  3. Control objects unreachable
  4. More functions with different gestures
  5. Make your design minimalist

How to integrate gesture recognition

We have developed a demo board, in collaboration with our partner STMicroelectronics, which allows you to test the features of the Gesture Recognition. Integration into your projects involves a dedicated design, depending on the object you want to control and the features that it will have to have.