Working closely with our partners allows us to break down barriers more quickly and solve problems quickly. At Check Up we are well aware that teamwork is fundamental in the great challenge of innovation and digital transformation.


The collaboration in the IoT (Internet of Things) field with STMicroelctronics is focused on the development of gesture, voice and sensor control devices, including wireless. We are not only sharing the development of AI technologies, but also carrying out field tests together with the CSR division. One of the issues is the sanitation of school classrooms.

STMicroelectronics sees this program as an “ecosystem of skills” that involves trusted software and industrial operators and allows SMEs to increase the impact of IoT applications and adopt unconventional business models, integrating new powerful sensors and innovative technologies, with a low impact in terms of investment and drastic reduction in the time-to-market of new devices. ST’s partner program members offer a broad range of products and services covering areas such as software development tools, hardware development tools, embedded software, components and modules, training, engineering and cloud services.


The settlement in the Technological Pole of Friuli Innovazione is part of the multi-year investment in research and development of solutions and products in the IoT (Internet of Things), for the home and hospital sectors. The research team aims to design and develop new hardware devices that can be connected to the internet in order to use all the services (diagnostics, marketing, maintenance and firmware upgrades) designed to meet the needs of the consumer.





We are an active part of The Arrow Five Years Out project, this project aims towards the tangible future. People are aware that new technologies, new materials, new ideas and new electronic solutions will make life not only different, but certainly better. Five Years Out is a community of partners such as check-ups, developers, designers, engineers and visionaries who trace new thoughts between possibility and practicality. Creating the future together, from cars to camera manufacturers. Are you one of them? Then you are probably already working with us.

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