Project Description


Capacitive keypad.

The splendor and prestige of Jacuzzi in a whirlpool bath of contemporary shape, inspired by a young design that minimizes the aesthetic impact of the most invasive parts of the bathtub, such as the control panel.

In the wake of a consolidated partnership that lasts and grows stronger over time, Check Up designed and manufactured the entire electronic control unit, the control keypad for power, as well as the intensity and lighting system, thus combining comfort and innovation in a “democratic” but distinguishing product.


The control panel perfectly fits into Energy ergonomics because it is embedded in the border of the tub; it can be activated by simply touching the symbols lightly. Simple to use, and allowing easy cleaning..


User friendly and functional, the capacitive keypad with soft touch control allows easy access to all functions with a simple touch. Equipped with three buttons, each of which can be potentially disabled according to specific needs. Additionally, the panel is modular and can be used for electronic devices controlling more complex functions..